Tips to write essay in English

An essay is a genre of a work in which the author reflects on what was once heard, read or experienced. The essay assesses primarily the identity of the author – his feelings, worldview and thoughts. Writing an cheapest essay writing service is a requirement in many educational programs, so it is extremely important to know how to write it correctly. So you can use some tips to write essay in English or any other language.

First, it is necessary to determine the problem, towards which further movement of thought will occur. Remember that the more clearly the problem is formulated, the easier the selection of material will be, the more interesting the angle, the more exciting and dynamic the work will be written.

After you identify the problem, you need to narrow it to a specific topic. When solving a problem taken, one cannot do without a system of evidence. Evidence is of two types – quantitative and qualitative. In the first case, the thesis presented is argued by many different examples, then the proof will be comprehensive; in the second case, the thesis is confirmed by two or three strong and exponential arguments.

On the way of writing an essay, you need to follow a certain logical strategy: “thesis – antithesis – synthesis.” For example: at the beginning of the work you can bring any obvious thesis, then – the opposite one (antithesis). Two theses collide and arouse reader’s interest: which of the theses is correct? As a result, you can solve the problem in several ways: either clarify each thesis in opposition, or make a conclusion in favor of one of them, or merge into a third, more general (synthesis).

The essay also especially needs special means of rhetorical technique.

Extremely useful are: antitheses, suggestive rhetorical questions, irony and repetition. The use of these tools increases the impact on the reader, but they must be used with extreme caution. The process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages: problem statement; pondering; planning; spelling; verification; improvement of writing. Genre essay involves the freedom of creativity. All his charm is that the author can write any thoughts on absolutely any topic. But if you do not have any thoughts on your essay, you can always order one on a special website, where professional writers will do your work for you in the shortest possible time.